Doctor Who Experience open day meet-up list.          - 12pm - 1pm          -12pm - 1pm

Doctor Who Experience tickets now on sale!

Just let me know what day and time you are going and I shall be adding you to the list.

I’ve already got my ticket, I’m going on the 20th July (the open day) but there was a problem with the booking so I’m either going at 11am or 12am.

Some of us are thinking of going to Eddies Dinner (where they filmed Doctor Who) on Cardiff Bay afterwards, either for Lunch or Dinner, and then maybe a little walk around the Bay to look at some filming locations?
Let me know if you are up for that too!
Post with the list of people going to the open day meet-up will be in the next post.

Doctor Who Experience open day.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10am! Make sure to get your ticket as early as you can if you want to go on the open day.

The phone number is: 0844 801 2279
and the website is the source.
I also suggest signing up for their email newsletter so you can keep up to date with other Doctor Who Experience things.
Once you have booked please let me know and I will create the master post of who is going on that day!
If you have any questions feel free to ask. 

Doctor Who Experience NEWS!

'Our first day open to the public will be Friday 20th July, tickets on sale from 14th June'

 And they have already started loading the props in!

Who’s up for the meet-up on the open day? (20th July) I will be going!

If everyone could reblog/tell everyone who likes Doctor Who and would like to go to the experience to follow this meet-up blog then I will be more than grateful, thanks!

The London Doctor Who Experience is now closed and will open at Cardiff Bay in the Summer (no date yet). This is what the building for the Experience currently looks like. If anyone will need directions to this place then feel free to ask although they will probably be on the official site when a date is announced.